Group Session Pricing and information. Professional, efficient, and stress-free professional headshot packages for small and large teams.

High volume shoots (+20 people) qualify for group discounts and daily flat rates. Please request a quote to learn more.

Team Headshot Rate Card
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For up to 20 employees
Set up our studio at company location, minimal disruption. Each client receives up to 10 proofs to select one image for retouching.
1- 9 Clients: $180/person
10-20 Clients: $160/person
Corporate Travel Setup: Professional Camera & Lighting & Studio Backdrop. Add $300
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High-Volume Employee Events.
Based on Numbers
Ideal for events of more than 20 People, trade shows, conferences
Flat rate covers Corporate Setup, equipment, photography, basic editing, and high-resolution images per person.
Half-Day 4 Hours, 21- 50 Clients: $3000
Half-Day 4 Hours, 50-75: $3500
Full-Day, 8 Hours, up to 200 clients: $5000
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What is included:

  • Energetic, and detail-oriented photographers.
  • Match any company headshot guidelines : send your guidelines or an example photo.
  • Facial expression coaching and posing guidance that will help you feel relaxed and photogenic.
  • Multiple poses, expressions, and angles for each shoot. We shoot, get feedback, and improve each set of photos.
  • Professional custom editing for your images. We can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and add a bit of polish.
  • Hassle-Free Logistics: to make this easier than you can imagine.

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Group pricing for office and corporate events.