Group Session Pricing and information. Professional, efficient, and stress-free professional headshot packages for small and large teams. Our event coverage includes corporate events, dinners, trade shows, conferences, cocktail receptions, seminars, marketing events, and parties.

Corporate Headshots- Whether it is to photograph one person or the whole staff, we make this a stress-free option by handling all the logistics. With over 15 years’ experience, we know how to work with companies of all sizes to minimize the disruptions on the workday.
Our process involves setting up at the company location and guiding each client through a series of poses that will capture their personality and confidence. The on-location option also creates a consistent look in lighting and background for all employees to create a professional look for each headshot.

We recommend 7 mins per client. This allows use to check each client is camera ready by checking their hair and clothing. After we coach them through poses and expressions, we review the images with each client and guide them on making their selection. If they are unhappy with their pictures, we reshoot them.

All final selections are retouched as part of the fee. Retouching requires an experienced and skilled retouched so as to not over edit and make clients look like AI generated objects. Our retouching team are experts at freshen up faces without going too far.

Event Photography- We offer event photography services for corporate events, dinners, trade shows, conferences, cocktail receptions, seminars, marketing events, and parties. We can also include a headshot booth for participants at the location. This is always a nice touch with employees and clients appreciate.

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Team Headshot Pricing
Up to 20 employees
Set up our studio at company location- 7 mins per client, review their images after the session
1- 9 Clients: $130/person
10-20- Clients $110/person
21-30- Clients $100/person
Travel fee $150.
Events & Headshots
Ideal for trade shows, conferences and 30 or more headshots
Flat rate covers photograph event including headshot booth with retouching
Half-Day 4 Hours $2400
Full Day 8 Hours $4500

What is included: Group Pricing

  • Energetic, and detail-oriented photographers. We make sure each client is camera ready
  • Match any company headshot guidelines : send your guidelines or an example photo.
  • Facial expression coaching and posing guidance that will help you feel relaxed and photogenic.
  • Multiple poses, expressions, and angles for each shoot. We shoot, get feedback, and improve each set of photos.
  • Professional custom editing for your images. We can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and add a bit of polish.
  • Hassle-Free Logistics: to make this easier than you can imagine.

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Group pricing for office and corporate events.

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