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Rates for Acting Headsots

What to expect during your Headshots:

When you arrive at our studio, you find a comfortable space.  Our photographers will take time to get to know you.  They will also walk you through the whole shoot and guide you through expert posing that will bring out the best in your needs.

After the shoot, your proofs ( images that have not been retouched) will be placed on a proof site and the link will be sent to. You will be able to make your selection in the comfort of your home.  All you do then is email me the image number and we take of the rest.

All your sections are retouched at no additional cost. Retouching includes removing skin blemishes, whitening teeth, reducing dark lines under eyes and softening wrinkles.  The retouches are gentle in process and never obvious, but the difference is huge in image standout. Business Headshots Gallery

In addition, we can photograph you at your office with our Travel Studio.  It can setup in virtually any space and create professional headshots that will reflect your branded look.

Acting Headshot Bookings

A great headshots requires the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer who knows the importance of posing to create the most authentic vision of the client.

This is our specialized area of photography-  we only do headshots.

Call to book your headshot service from the most trusted headshot photographer in the Midwest.

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Actors and talent models know the importance of an amazing headshot.  And so do we.

Our Acting Headshots  sessions typically tale longer than a business headshot shoot.  This is because we want to capture the most natural looking photograph of you.

Our sessions are fun, intense, laidback, and serious-  everything to get that one image we know will be you.

We want our actors to walk away with the 2 most necessary images-  the commercial look and the theatrical look.  Both require a little coaxing on our part to bring out and each needs a different approach from the photographer.

Book your session and you will be amazed by what we can do for you.

Headshots for talent, acting, and  modeling comp cards is a very specific form of photography.  It requires a lot of confidence and knowledge  from the photographer to capture the 2 primary looks that the clients will want.

Look1-  Commercial Headshot-  this headshot requires the model/ actor to portray an authentic smile with a friendly outgoing presence.

Look2- Theatrical Headshot-  for this look the actor/ model must present a somber and intense look.

Both expressions need the guidance of a specialist photographer. Acting Gallery


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